June 6, 2021

AWESOME turn out for the Ribbon Cutting! Hope everyone had fun. I want to thank all of you for taking time to help out fellow gardeners with watering and for anyone with extra starts that put them into D7 for the sharing garden and we have herbs to share growing in E1, help yourself as herbs grow.

Composter is ready to go! More notes on how and what to do will be posted inside the garden shed and on the composter this week.

Looking at Saturday, June 19 (aka Juneteenth) as another work day, 10-11:59am. I know it is the day before Father’s Day. We just have a few things to do: Cover garden plots that are not planted with tarps, possibly “build” plot for asparagus and maybe plant or “build” edge for strawberries plots. And maybe just get together to share how are gardens are growing and share some ideas as to what we might need to do inside the shed to keep it organized. I have a very experienced gardener that will be there to answer any questions.

May 26, 2021

If you have not started planting, now is the time! A few of us have some plants in the ground and it is really looking like a garden. HELP IS NEEDED SUNDAY, MAY 30 TO PREP FOR RIBBON CUTTING AND FINISH SETTING UP THE GARDEN. PLEASE JOIN US AT 1PM.

4:30pm Tuesday June 1 is the Ribbon Cutting and official garden opening. Plan to attend. Set up will start at 3 pm and all help is appreciated. We will grill burgers and hope you will bring a side dish to share. It will be a great time to meet the other gardeners, pick your garden plot and pay any fees owed (if you haven’t done so already). We will have a few door prizes and party favors. Should I bring my cornhole game, let me know? (text or call Katie 406-890-4448)

May 12, 2021

Grab your calendar and mark May 20th at 6:30pm. Join us at the garden (2220 E. Hwy 2, behind Calvary Church) to pick your garden plot, meet some of the other new gardeners and pay the garden plot fee.

If you have already done all this then just join us for the Ribbon Cutting on June 1 at 4:30pm. We will be providing burgers (and of course plates and napkins). We hope you will want to bring a side to share. We will have door prizes. If you would like to help decorate the garden please let me know, we can start about 3pm.

Water should be in by next week so we should be ready for you to plant some time soon after May 20!

Ron, Nina and Dorothy volunteering

We shoveled manure from the Lybeck family last week and added some compost from Dirt Rich in this photo. Things are happening! The garden was tilled again to work all that goodness into the soil. CHS Mountain West Coop donated fertilizer to enrich our soil and it has been put in the garden.

VOLUNTEERS needed to spread compost on FRIDAY, APRIL 16 at 12:30 PM until about 3pm, depending on how quickly we work and how many people help. Please join us for as much time as you are able, bring a shovel and wear gloves. We will have snacks and water. Use contact info in April 12 info below.

APRIL 12, PLAN TO JOIN US AT THE GARDEN TO SPREAD SOME MANURE. The first step in adding the nutrients that our garden will need to grow awesome vegetables! If you can join us mid-morning please contact Katie @ or by text to 406-890-4448. Remember many hands make light work. Bring a shovel and a rake!

March 22-Second day of spring!

Success at our first gardener’s gathering on Sunday. Garden plots are being assigned, volunteers have signed up for upcoming activities to get this garden ready for planting and we decided to grow a few things to share: strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus. Next sign-up meeting will be in April, probably a Thursday evening, keep an eye out for the time and date.

March 9

What a great program FVCC offered this past weekend with the “Free the Seeds” event. The Zoom classes I attended were so informational, awesome.

Now, mark your calendar for Sunday March 21, 1pm. Our first garden meeting. Shouldn’t take too long, just want to meet everyone and assign some garden plots. We have some upcoming work days and hope that you will volunteer to help get this space ready for planting. We are so excited with spring just around the corner. See you soon.

February 22

What a great weekend! Took the Square Foot Gardening class at FVCC on Saturday and recommend it for all gardeners!! Great information and wonderfully helpful instructor. FVCC is offering it 3/20, 4/24, and 5/15. Well worth taking.

Please check out the Free the Seeds event happening March 6-8. Seed giveaway on Saturday March 6, 9-noon at FVCC plus several Zoom classes. Take time during these cold days to learn how to improve your gardens.

Keep in mind that we will have an initial garden get-together towards the end of March. Will get that date posted soon. So excited for our first year at the Evergreen Community Garden.

January 26, 2021
Please put this on your calendar!


January 11, 2021

We had 2 generous people that were willing to fund the fence installation AND Mild Fence had an early opening. We hope you will stop by and see the progress, just don’t let your dogs leave us any surprises, please. Photos are coming, once I figure out how to do that.

Check out the Flathead Valley Community College website for some continuing education classes in the Home and Garden section. “Seed Starting, Square Foot Gardening, Building Raised Garden Boxes and Grow More Food!

Fence Progress

December 2, 2020
Photo by Tim Savage on

We spoke with local fence companies for our garden project (don’t want the deer eating our produce). Mild Fence offered the best price and style for just under $4,000. We put down a deposit and have reserved our spot in the construction line-up for the spring. It’s been a busy year for building here in the valley so it was very important that we are now in the queue!

Laying the foundation

Nov. 12, 2020

Thanks to the generosity of Dirk Lybeck, the Ever-green Community Garden was tilled On October 16. Mr. Lybeck used his tractor to turn over the soil in our 120’x75′ space. Have to say it was fun to watch and the dirt smelled so good.

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